True Story

I have been putting myself out there for quite some time now, taking risks, being vulnerable, asking for support & trying to gain some kind of traction. Most of my efforts have been online with the creation & marketing of my brand & books. But also in person at jobs I've worked over the years, I have managed to garner some attention & short-lived support. I am no stranger to rejection, radio silence & empty promises. It's been mostly an uphill battle riddled with disappointments. Media, pomp & circumstance make the challenges look charming & success seem inevitable. 

Well, let me be the first to tell ya... I have been sharpening my manifestation skills for a LONG time... & things don't always work out the way you expect them to. God, do I wanna scream, & punch sh*t or run away sometimes. But, I've decided instead, begrudgingly as it may be, to not let what IS thus far... shrink me, stop me or deter me from moving in the direction of what sets my soul on fire. 

Nope, I'm Gonna Keep on Goin'

In the past 6 months, my day job as a Brand Ambassador placed me back in the mix of a buzzing society interacting with every demographic. I couldn't help but notice that everyone who meets me roots for me. I come across as an endearing character, like an underdog in a good movie. I am engaging & easy to vibe with. I know how to demonstrate unconditional love.

I am the girl next door

Indeed, I am that familiar human that most people feel like they already know. People are instantly comfortable with me because I get it, lol, if that makes sense. People tend to feel validated, restored in some way, encouraged or uplifted after they meet me. I have an effect on people that is unmatched. Call it a gift. Call it my vibration. Call it self-mastery or my boss communication skills, lol. It's quite remarkable to witness. I have a keen eye for clarity, solutions, perfect perspectives & making sense of confusion & chaotic thinking. My existence is refreshing like a cold beverage on a hot day. It just is.

For the Record

I am meat-free, dairy-free, fake food-free, alcohol, smoke & substance-free, vice-free, drama-free, & relationship-free. I'm not in love with anyone but myself. I keep my dependence on outer things in check. My inner disposition is divinely guided. My happiness &/or contentment is derived from tapping into the soul of everything. With all due respect, I don't build my day around what I'm cooking for dinner, & I don't grin & bear my week for weekend plans. 

I'm not claiming sainthood

I cuss, bitch, vent & wrestle with sh*t just like the next shameless fool. I still have little guilty pleasures I lean on day to day. However, I gotta say... at this stage of the game, I simply roam the Earth like an empty vessel of sorts looking to serve whoever may cross my path. How many of you can honestly profess that? This is what makes me a unique, limited-edition individual you may only meet once in a lifetime. This is what makes me an automatic "Life Coach". This is why I have decided to make myself professionally available in this capacity. 

Each & every time you encounter me, your life will be upgraded instantly, you will feel better than you did before we met. My presence is like an invisible force that swishes & swirls like a mystical wind that whips through the trees of your being & clears its cache. Why? Well, one reason is because I travel with a legion of Angels. They are my dream team. We encounter people who attract us. Maybe YOU are next!


We are souls in suits with CHOICES

Sometimes I just wanna indulge in temporary highs... like too much cake or a boozy buzz. Then I remember the heavy-laden consequences, I refrain from feeding the thought & I make the executive decision to move on. That's how it's done. It's not rocket science.

Mindset, discipline, willingness to change, pivot & progress forward, are all it takes to improve as a human. Take yourself out of the old patterns, habits & programs that made you more flawed & prone to suffering... & move yourself into new ways of thinking, behaving & believing that compel you to feel lighter, brighter, freer & more at ease than ever before. It's a choice. It's high time to lead yourself to the promised land. Ya think? No one is gonna shoot from the sky & do it for you. You have a CHOICE. 

The choice is yours

If I were you, I would choose a soul-led life, & let your ego retreat from whence it came. It came from B.S. (False Belief Systems) created by a society & system that brainwashed the collective & us as individuals & our families. Thus, we all have unconsciously allowed indoctrination to fester & wreak havoc generation upon endless generation. 

I am done

It's over for me. Maybe also for you, dear reader? I can only speak for myself. I'm no longer feeding into the matrix. It's a sham, scam & lie that keeps everyone obsessed, seduced, swindled, stupified & stuck... fat, sick, sad, tired, desensitized, struggling, seething, suffering, & separated. I CHOOSE LIFE. Not "death & taxes".


What do you choose?

If you choose a soul-led life, & you would like to unpack some talk therapy, whether it be in person or online, space has been created, & I hold it well. Make an appointment today, & lets make a connection that will uplift your life. Don't be shy, it'll be fun & fascinating

Do you really think you landed here by accident?