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Thanks in advance for choosing me to be your guide! Your payment or donation goes to fund my practice to keep serving all who need guidance, undivided attention, unconditional love &/or healing. This is how we make our world a better & brighter place indeed.

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Your payment or donation also goes to fund every single one of these precious charities! A portion of all profits will go to each of the following:

These things combined make your payment or donation a CONTRIBUTION & investment in the health & wellness of our human community, animals & the planet. I feel so very blessed to be the liaison! 

Hell is a crisis that can change. We are not victims of our own devices or devilish tendencies. Life is what you make it & there is only Love. Anything else is just F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). Love is our only true destiny, advantage, asset, partner & friend. Love always wins. Mic drop. The end. 

What is Love? 


The Eternal Now is your friend she is made of love, light, ease & effortless zen. She is harmless, true & the most real experience on Earth. Learn to live in the here-now moment because that's all there is. FEELING GOOD in the here-now moment... is all there is! 


My name is Jenay Zapp, & I have an incredible understanding of the human condition. My inner compass is calibrated, uncanny & accessible to YOU right now. I can help. 

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