Proud Disclaimer I'm not a doctor. I'm not a licensed counselor or therapist. I am not indoctrinated by any curriculum. 

I Am Who I Am

I can assist YOU, if you wish


Better Humans 

I am here to help people become better humans 

I am a humanist, not by the traditional definition of the word but by the obvious meaning. I am a true ambassador for humanity. My original incarnation as a soul way back before the beginning of time, was a "Blueprint Technician" conspiring with other Blueprinters to coalesce this Earth experiment to perfection. 

Over centuries & eons of time, Mother Earth & her inhabitants have gone through innumerable phases. Humans have evolved & devolved. Now, it is the 21st century, the Age of Aquarius (scroll to the end of the home page) & New Earth is dawning. Life as we know it is now finally changing into a new Golden Age of man wherefore we all get to witness a monumental global transformation in real time. 

Not to mention, the humanoid DNA cellular structure has alchemized from carbon-based to crystalline solar-stranded. We are literally changing into new improved humans. Individually & as a unit, we are steadily morphing into light, high vibrating homo luminous beings by the second. The heavy laden, low vibe, dense homo sapien of yesteryear has EXPIRED. 

Aren't we lucky to be living the real dream of all the ages! 


It's No Secret

According to your what?


EVERYTHING is a projected image of what you believe to be true in combination with what you allow to make appearances based on your tolerance level of other people's truths. Nothing that we experience, despite popular belief, is to punish, or to teach hard lessons per se, every reflection is merely an opportunity to fine-tune our preferences as co-creators of our experiences. 

If NOT, you may go ahead right this second, & CHOOSE otherwise

Your Lot in Life

Your current "lot in life" is due to one of two things or a COMBO of both:


We are living, walking, talking, breathing billboards of what we think about, & feel thereof 

I am not here to preach or teach the basics  

This is just a reminder of 


The TRUTH stands tall like an invisible flag that we all must honor, or else our true freedom will be taken away, by none other than ourselves & our own inability, thus failure, to pay attention to how our inner sanctum creates the movie strip of our life unfolding right this minute before our very eyes. 

If you do not understand how to take responsibility for your life path in order to pivot, redirect, change & improve it... then the blame game will sabotage your existence until the bitter end. Aging, deterioration, sickness, illness, disease & death is just around the corner if you do not fly the flag of your true freedom.


How you feel is how free you really are 

DELIBERATELY building your life in the direction of your highest good with mindfulness, meditation, positive affirmation, balance, moderation, breathing, movement, imagination & chakra alignment is how to feel good & thus, how to show up proper!

Undo the damage   

Self discipline is a skill anyone can hone & master. It doesn't take any amount of intellect to practice discipline. All it takes is a little character & courage to curb the ego's big fat appetite for more & more & more.

Learn how to be still & KNOW


No matter your age, gender, race, faith, nationality, or demographic... no matter what you were told, taught, what you have gone through, who you used to be, what missteps you may have made... 

RIGHT NOW, you deserve to be the very best version of yourself 

I am on this planet to see to it that souls shine brighter 

Namaste means that my higher self honors yours. Thus, I am a channel for your higher self to deliver exactly what you need to know at this time. My intuition is sharp, I see you, hear you & feel you on an energetic soul level. I have a gift to divinely direct your path with my awareness & recognition of it. 


Mentors Past & Present